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How I Use My CBD Oil

Today we get to talk about CBD! 

The wonderful thing about CBD Hemp Oil is that more people are finding ways to use it uniquely! It’s best known for relieving pain and anxiety. CBD oil has been used with pets, kids, and even us adults. I use CBD oil in two ways.

The first reason is pretty normal, I use it for joint pain relief. I get knee pain every now and then, so when I wake up in the morning I take about three fourths of a dropper and squirt it under my tongue. I let it sit there for about a minute and chase it down with some water. I suggest to take CBD oil away from food just so it can absorb into the body better.

The second way I like to use the oil is actually as a face serum! The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil can make a world of difference when applied to the skin. I use a few drops on my face in the morning before I apply lotion and sunscreen. CBD also has antibacterial properties which can help fight the development of acne, so if you are experiencing breakouts, this could help!

The CBD oil I’ve been using lately is made with MCT oil so you get a double whammy of goodness! MCT oil is great for brain function, hormone balance, and so much more! The MCT oil also makes the CBD oil much lighter than some other brands I have tried. Often times I come across CBD oils that are a very dark green, the one I’ve been using lately is super light and feels amazing on my skin. CBD Bio Naturals is the amazing brand I've been using lately. They sent me some to try, and now I'm hooked! 

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Copper Pitcher: Healthy Drinking Water

Copper Pitcher: Healthy Drinking Water

In today’s world, finding drinking water that is pure with a proper pH balance is harder than ever. I’ve been drinking out of a copper pitcher the last few weeks and it has not only made me feel healthier, but it has also elevated my mind. It should be noted that for the water to be beneficial to you, it should be stored in your copper pitcher for 8-16 hours. Health Benefits.....