Copper Pitcher: Healthy Drinking Water


Hey Folks,

In today’s world, finding drinking water that is pure with a proper pH balance is harder than ever. I’ve been drinking out of a copper pitcher the last few weeks and it has not only made me feel healthier, but it has also elevated my mind. It should be noted that for the water to be beneficial to you, it should be stored in your Copper Pitcher for 8-16 hours.


Health Benefits

Restore pH Balance to the Body

When you store water in your Copper Pitcher it becomes ionic which helps maintain the body’s pH (acid-alkaline) balance.


Kills microorganisms

It’s antimicrobial, which means water containing harmful microbes can be cleansed. Copper is known to be a metal that is very effective at sterilizing substances containing bacteria. It is effective at combatting E.coli, which is a common bacteria found in the environment that can really harm the human body.


Increase Brain Function

Traces of copper can stimulate the brain.  How? Our brain transmits impulses from one neuron to the next through synapses. Neurons are covered by the Myelin Sheath that helps the flow of impulses, the sheath acts as a conductive agent. Copper helps in the synthesis of phospholipids that are needed for the formation of the myelin sheaths. Therefore, enhancing the conductive agent for neurons will make your brain work much faster and more effectively.


Elevate Your Energetic Life Force

If you practice Yoga and/or believe in energy you’ll find this next fact interesting. Drinking out of the copper pitcher will restore balance to the Three Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The doshas are biological energies found within the human body and mind. Balancing the doshas will restore your life force.

The therapeutic water from a copper vessel is called Tamra jal in Sanskrit.


Aid in Digestion

Copper can stimulate the rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the stomach that helps food get digested and move along the digestive tract. It also reduces inflammation and helps detox your stomach.  And yes, it can even help kill bacteria that may be found in your belly or along the digestive track. It can also regulate your liver, kidneys, and help your body get rid of all the bad stuff and absorb more of the good stuff, like nutrients from food!


Weight Loss Aid

Copper helps your body break down and eliminate fat more efficiently. Because of how it helps the digestive system you’ll start to notice your body feeling trimmer. You can drink your copper water early in the morning on an empty stomach and right before bed for the copper water to be most effective.  


Slow Down Signs of Aging

Copper is loaded with antioxidants and other cell forming components. It also fights off free-radicles which is one of the main reasons wrinkles appear. Copper also helps your skin regenerate and produce healthy skin cells to replace dying ones.


Skin Health

Copper is a huge component in your body’s production of melanin, which moderates the color of your eyes, skin and hair in our bodies. Melanin helps you stay safe from sun damage, diminish scars, and having a healthy amount of melanin will also enhance clear skin.


Reduces Inflammation in Joints

Since copper is a very potent anti-inflammatory, it can greatly relive aches and pains due to arthritis and inflamed joints. It is known to strengthen bones.


Combat Anemia

Our body does need certain trace amounts of copper to stay healthy. It helps in the absorption of iron and aids in your body’s regulation of the mineral.


Creating Drinking Water in a Copper Pitcher 

These are just some of the amazing health benefits of storing your water in a Copper Pitcher. You want to make sure when you are looking for a copper pitcher that you find one made of pure copper. I would avoid all sellers from China, India, and I can recommend a beautifully handcrafted pitcher by Shantiva. It's also important that you let the water sit for a long period of time. It's easiest to fill it before bed, so that it is ready or you to drink in the morning. 

Once you have your pitcher how will you clean it?

I chose to cut a lemon in half and dip one half in Pink Himalayan salt and scrub the outside of the pitcher with the salted lemon. I then take a cloth to polish it. This keeps the pitcher looking nice and clean.


Give the Copper Pitcher a try! Check out their Instagram for more.