The Solar Eclipse of August 2017 & what it means for Your Zodiac Sign


The Leo Solar Eclipse will prompt hidden emotions to emerge, and they will not emerge lightly, they will blast outward from the subconscious.

Here is what your sign needs to be aware of during the eclipse:

Aries: Be a team player, but also keep your eccentric personality alive!

Taurus: Go after all those goals you've had, just make sure you don't lose the passion that drives you.

Gemini: Make sure to pay mind to others perspective, but don't let that stop you from speaking what you believe to be true.

Cancer: Simplify your life, you will be presented with choices that will complicate things, just stick to basics.

Leo: Stop people-pleasing and make some "life wins" happen.

Virgo: Don't be as judgmental, open yourself up to people who have a different perspective on life. 

Libra: Hold your ground on issues, even if others don't think the same as you.

Scorpio: Learn to love your enemies. Show compassion, but don't lose your competitive nature. 

Sagittarius: Don't concentrate so much on the end goal of things that you forget to enjoy the ride. 

Capricorn: Dive into the shadows of life, go beyond the surface that you see.

Aquarius: While Relationships may get hectic, you must remember to stay grounded in your day-to-day. 

Pisces: Trust your gut, stop giving second chances to people who are undeserving.



Enjoy Your Solar Eclipse! I'm off to Oregon to check it out! Be safe and wear the proper eye wear! 

May Love and Light always touch your Soul,


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