Brand Collaborations 

If your brand is looking to connect and get some great content made don't hesitate to connect! Nicole Anne Spahn is open to working with brands that have a focus on one of the following: spirituality, yoga, healthy living, eco-friendly products, organic foods & body care, organic skincare, toxin-free beauty, zen home decor, clothing and other products or practices that enhance someones well being either mentally, physically, or both.  

Nicole Anne is able to provide brands with high resolution photos, videos, blog posts, and/or Instagram posts. 

Please use the form below to get in touch and click here for current rates.


Artistic Collaborations 

A few times a year Nicole Anne Spahn will do artistic collaborations with other visionaries free of charge. This goes for her modeling and artistic abilities. If you are a photographer who has a really amazing idea for a photoshoot that you would like Nikki Anne to be apart of, you may apply for this. Also, if you do not have photographic skills or tools but you have some ideas for creating something, perhaps yourself as a character, you may use these guidelines to submit. Virtual collaborations are accepted.  Submissions are accepted at anytime of the year. To submit follow the instructions below. By submitting work you agree that your submission and the ideas it contains may be shared by Nicole Anne.

Required Materials

  1. 100-700 word explanation of your concept.

  2. 100 word description of what you will be providing.

  3. 100 word description of what Nicole will be expected to provide.

  4. Any expected costs that may arise while creating?

  5. Location?

  6. Travel expenses? If applicable.

  7. Inspirational PDF that includes:

  8. 1-10 photo that inspires your concept.


For All Types of Inquiries Please Include: 

Your Name.

Your Website.

Your Phone Number.

Your Email.

Your Instagram Account.

Submit all required materials to nicoleannespahn(at)gmail(dot)com with subject “Collaboration Grant Submission” 



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