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Greetings everyone,

I will admit I have never been a perfume wearer. Why? Because conventional perfume is crafted with all sort of skin irritants and always just smell fake to me. However, I've always had an interest in perfume, especially after seeing the movie Perfume, HA! (Which I highly suggest you watch if you haven’t, go ahead and click the image to watch it now!)

For years, I’ve used Essential Oils as a perfume.  Which has its pros and cons. However, I came across a brand that creates fragrance that complies with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to make sure all of their ingredients are responsibly sourced! Because they work with IUCN they do choose to use safe synthetics over botanicals when harvesting the ingredient could actually harm the environment or species in anyway.

If you couldn't guess it, this brand is cruelty-free, which is why they choose to use synthetics sometimes over natural ingredients that are sometimes derived form animals.  Crafting perfumes that have a low impact on the environment and your skin is amazing! This brand also does something that is very rare for perfume brands to do. They actually disclose ALL of their ingredients to the public. They even disclose whether or not it is of botanical origin or if it has been created safely as a synthetic. They list the entire name of each safe synthetic which gives you the power to look up the ingredients in your product and make an informed choice for yourself on whether or not you’d like it on your skin. Most companies will simply list all of the ingredients under one type of “fragrance”. Leaving the consumer unaware of what they are actually putting on your skin. The FDA really doesn’t regulate this market, so finding an honest company such as this, is great! This company is PHLUR.

PHLUR is a brand that is built on true transparency to their consumers, a rare trait in this world of cosmetics and skincare. They understand the importance of giving the consumer the power to make knowledgeable choices in what they are purchasing.  PHLUR is free of BHT, which is one nasty chemical you don’t want on your skin, it’s also a very common ingredient in beauty products.


A Healthier Choice 

PHLUR is free of parabens, phthalates and other potential skin irritants. They deliberately use an opaque bottle because it protects your fragrance from light damage and allows them to skip potentially hazardous chemicals and stabilizers. They also use environmentally friendly packaging! How great?!?

PHLUR wanted me to get a feel for their scents so they sent me a sample kit, where I was able to pick out 3 scents! Let me also add these were hefty samples, giving me plenty of opportunities to test them out and find the perfect one! Here is my review of the samples:

1U7A9052-Edit2nicole-anne-spahn - nikki spahn_.jpg


This scent is very pleasant. Perfect for fall because of its spicy qualities. This fragrance works perfectly for all genders. I personally loved it. It’s bold yet calming at the same time. It was as if wearing a beanie and t-shirt on a perfect autumn day. This one gets my vote on favorite scent.

1U7A8932-Edit1nicole-anne-spahn - nikki spahn_.jpg


One word: SWEET. AT first I wasn’t sure about this fragrance, after being someone who avoided perfumes for most of her life, it was a little abrasive. However, the scent really does evolve as the day progresses. In my opinion I think it is slightly more feminine than the MOAB, but who am I to say, it all comes down to personal preference!

1U7A8977-Edit5nicole-anne-spahn - nikki spahn_.jpg


Elegant! If I were going out on a really fancy date, this would be my choice. At first I thought this scent was a bit more masculine, but the second time I sprayed it, I fell in love. Not sure if it was something on a subconscious level or what, but the second time I used it, I felt it was perfect for females.  


Something I loved about all of these scents is that as the day progresses, they start to blend into your own scent and create a scent unique to you. I especially noticed this with HANAMI.



You can get your own sample kit! They even have a fragrance specialist that will speak with you about each perfume via Facebook messenger to help you go through each one. You can try 3 scents of your choice for only $18! You can even get free shipping from their site! You can also save $10 on any order right now by clicking here to get an exclusive code! 

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Take care folks,