Keep Your Closet Stocked With This....

Hi readers,

Dropping a short blog just to give you my opinion on why you should keep your closet stocked with active clothes that you love! I'm not talking about raggedy old t-shirts and spandex that you used to wear for high school volleyball. Unless you are on a serious budget, splurge a little on yourself so you can feel great in workout clothes that will inspire you to get your sweat on!

Why Buy Active Gear?

Pushing your mind and body is extremely beneficial. Challenging both the physical and mental aspects of yourself will aid in longevity of mind, body and spirit. exercise daily can give you great discipline and self worth. Along with keeping you looking good, it keeps you feeling good! And you don't need to do a crazy workout daily. I think switching from meditation, yoga, swimming, hikes, running, lifting, and H.I.T. classes is a great mix. Somedays we have a lack of motivation to get out and be active. However, when you have a wardrobe stocked full of active outfits that you feel good in, it can enable to get out there, and you'll be doing so with confidence! Being active can help you break out of your mundane daily routine, whether it’s going for a hike, attending a yoga class, or going for a run it’s always great to get your body moving!

Get What Fits Your Life.

Some people might want cotton workout clothes, which I love for laying around, but not when I actually want to get out and sweat. One brand that makes great moisture controlled gear is ZYIA. Their clothes are made by using a 4-way stretch fabric. The fabrics are breathable which is great for hot and cold days alike. The material has strategic ventilation to allow moisture to flow. They also have a compression aspect which can help with muscle support.  The high waisted leggings are great for yoga classes because they fit your form, you can bend and twist anyway you’d like, AND you don’t have to worry about undies popping out! 

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