Chill Out and Take a Bath

Hey folks,

I’ve been adulting for a few years now, and sometimes it can get a little crazy. Especially when you're building your own business, working to build other people’s businesses and all the other things that go along with your 20’s. Health insurance and student loans are two issues that always seem to get at me. It’s funny that getting health insurance would be one of the things that stresses me out, because stress is not good for your health! With all these little built up issues sometimes we just need to chill out! And I know a lot of us out there will preach about exercise, mediation, yoga, or really any kind of activity that can help you reduce stress in life. But honestly, when I’m super stressed, mediating becomes almost impossible, especially if I’m attempting to do it on my own without a guide. While yoga totally helps me clear my mind, sometimes all the emotional stress is met with being physically exhausted. When this happens, there is only one thing I can advise...


That’s right stop trying to think about ways to calm your mind and stop feeling all the stress. If you really have things you need to think about, think about them in a bath! If you're physically drained and feeling mental stress…. There is only one thing to do. Soak in the tub! However, I have some advice on how to make your bath even more relaxing.


Look for these items in a Bath Soak Mix


Soak in something that has the calming effect of Lavender in it.


Add Epsom Salt, it pulls out toxins and leaves the skin feeling lovely.

And why stop there now that we’re talking about skin!

Argan Oil

If you are really looking to hydrate your skin anything with Argan oil will work wonders! It is known to treat rashes, bug bites, and even skin infections. It is an all-natural moisturizer and it is super healing with antioxidants, Omega 6 fatty acids, and vitamin A & E.


Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is also an amazing ingredient, especially if you find yourself in the sun a lot. The antioxidants found in this oil can combat the effects of UV damage combat free radicals.

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I’ve found an amazing cosmic brand that makes a perfect mix of these items!

Try the Beauty Bath Soak from Luna + Quartz


Get your Bath on lovelies!