Styled Yoga Gear? Yes Please!

All right. I’ll admit. I don’t have style…

I mean… I know what I like, but when I go shopping, the stuff I pick out looks exactly like everything I already own. It's like I'm stuck in a fashion loop. I just don’t really know how to shop. However, I can look at another girl's outfit and think, "YES", I want that look! But putting it together, that’s not my thing. I have lots of stylish friends, and trust me when I hang out with my girls in Beverly Hills, Clair and Jules, I love how they dress me up in their clothes. It makes me feel more confident, and like I actually belong in LA.

With that being said, I decided to take a leap of faith and let a stranger pick clothes out for me, and I must say it rocked. I’m a girl who lives in workout clothes, "stop drop and yoga" is my daily motto. Sometimes you just need a stretch, so why wear anything but yoga pants? But really, I’m super active and I love having the freedom to stretch and bend anyway I want in order to get comfy or flexy in any moment. Anyway, I found this Yoga Box… I received three items. A long-sleeved shirt, which is perfect for winter time. A sports bra, which I am so in love with, and have actually been searching for one like it! And also, a pair of yoga pants that have a look I’ve always admired. The outfit fits together perfectly, and matches everything else I own! The fact that the outfit was hand selected by a stylist gives me so much more confidence that when I leave my house, I look gooooood!  


Why I Love Each Piece

_MG_9757-Edit1nicole-anne-spahn - nikki spahn_.jpg

The long-sleeved shirt

I would have never bought this at a store or online. "It’s not my thing," in my eyes at least, and my eyes aren’t very stylish so… they don’t know much. Especially because I love this shirt! In first week of opening the box, this shirt was worn six out of the seven days. I loved it. I wore it wine tasting, as a quick cover up for work, on hikes, and for workouts. I love how versatile it is! This shirt is casual and laid back while also being a great active piece.


_MG_9767-Edit1nicole-anne-spahn - nikki spahn_.jpg

The Sports Bra

Ok so I’ve been searching for a bra that has a cool back like this forever! They never fit. I’ve got a pretty small bust size, but also kind of a large cup size. So, when I find a sport bra that fits the bust, it usually leaves me hanging out in unflattering ways. Not gym friendly… Needless to say I was psyched on this bra!


The Leggings

_MG_9791-Edit1nicole-anne-spahn - nikki spahn_.jpg

I love mesh cut leggings! Whenever I come across them they are always either super expensive or they seem like they will rip open if I have to pull on them at all when getting them on, aka they’re cheap. With this pair though, you can tell that these are high quality leggings, and living in Santa Barbara the mesh is perfect for hot days that turn cold in a moment’s notice.


_MG_0207-Edit1nicole-anne-spahn - nikki spahn_.jpg

They Match Everything

Those are the three items they sent, but like I said, it matches so well with the rest of my closet making cute outfits with the selected pieces is easy!  The pieces are all really versatile. The sports bra goes great with open backed shirts! The legging are a great color that match everything super well. The cool thing about the Yoga Club Box is that they don't just send you a random box without getting a sense of your style first. You take a short little quiz so that they get a feel for your vibe. This is how they were able to send me three items that totally match everything else in my closet! 


Time to be a stylish Yogi!!! 

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