Eco-Chic: Water Bottle

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Today I’m going to talk about reusable water vessels! I’m an eco-friendly girl, and therefore anti-plastic. I try to avoid it at all costs. Living in California makes it is easier than other places because we are so environmentally aware here. I think most people in this day and age all understand that plastic is a plague on tis planet, right? What’s awesome though is so many companies are attempting to combat the use of plastic by making reusable items like water bottles. I’m one of those people who have an assortment of water bottles in an array of sizes. I’ve got ones I use for traveling, the gym, work, my car, home life, and other random occasions. I have a water bottle with me at all times. Because it's super important to stay hydrated throughout the day! Most people don't drink enough water during the day. But staying hydrated can benefit your matabilsom, your skin and so cut more! 

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One thing I’ve noticed in my days of being an eco-friendly water bottle owner: Most water bottles you find usually are a solid color of some sort, kind of clunky and usually not the chicest thing to carry around with you.  Nothing like trying to stay hydrated at an event in LA and pulling out your bright blue water bottle. Or being the girl in Whole Foods that drops her bottle and the noise is so loud everyone looks to see if someone is ringing a cowbell in the store. But nope! It’s just me being a klutz! 

So, I decided to make a change. I recently got the Bronze Gold with Cloudy Grey Bottle from HYDY. They are a California brand making eco-friendly water vessels that are uniquely chic! Below you’ll see my top 3 reasons to go chic with HYDY. 


Stand Out from the Rest

Ever almost drink out of the wrong bottle at your beach work out class? Or some similar situation. Well with a unique water bottle like this, it eliminates that problem from ever happening. HYDY has lots of different mix and match styles making them a great brand for you to find a unique bottle for yourself. Getting a unique water bottle like this also keeps the boyfriend, girlfriend, the roommates, or your family members from stealing yours. My little brother and I have the same giant silver 40-ounce water bottle and every time I’m home we get so confused as to which one belongs to each of us. Not anymore! 

Perfect for Any Occasion

Cause you want to stay hydrated everywhere you go, and you don’t want to use plastic cups and bottles that lots of places offer. You don’t have to be embarrassed about carrying around your giant clunky water bottle at any occasion with this bottle. I go to lots of events, and avoiding plastic is a must, and I also like drinking my own water so that I know it’s high quality. Some places just give you tap water, which often contains high levels of fluoride and other icky stuff. These chic bottles also go great with any outfit, just a little plus!   

It’s Quiet

Remember that cowbell noise I mentioned above? Yeah nobody likes that. What’s awesome about the HYDY is that it has a sleeve around the bottom half, so when you drop it, there isn’t a loud ringing noise. Which is great! Because now when you drop your water bottle you don’t risk giving grandma a heart attack!


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If you want to get Eco Chic with me click now and find your own unique bottle! 

Take care lovelies!