The Healer: My achy body's new friend

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Hey Lovelies,

Over the last year, I’ve become very fond of salves. If you are unfamiliar with salves, they're usually a solid blend of different oils that have healing benefits of some sort. Some people describe them as body balms. I've used a few different types of products like this, but I recently found one with a very unique quality. It is infused with the power of a mineral called Aventurine! Of course, this crystal magic comes from Luna + Quartz! As a hippie child, I totally fell in love with this Salve.

I wanted to take a moment to go through each ingredient in this salve so you can see if it’s something you’ll be putting on your Christmas list this year. 


The lavender is incorporated into this balm in two ways. First, by being infused into the hemp oil and second as an Essential oil. Lavender Essential Oil is extremely healing when it comes to cuts and burns on the skin. It is best known for being extremely calming for ones mental state.  When it’s infused with hemp oil, it gives the oil an antiseptic and soothing enhancement!

Hemp Oil

Let me first note that hemp seed oil DOES NOT contain the psychoactive substance THC, so it’s totally safe for everyone to use! People often use this oil to treat eczema, acne and even psoriasis. This is because the oil has such a high amount of essential fatty acids. It contains all of the known 21 amino acids and has the optimum balanced ration of 3:1 for Omega 6 to Omega 3 essential fatty acids. It’s also loaded with antioxidants, carotene, sulfur, potassium, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and more. Because of this amazingness, it is an anti-ager, extreme moisturizer, and even acts of an anti-inflammatory for the skin relieving irritation.

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This is the mineral I mentioned above! It is also infused into the hemp oil. One of my favorite healing properties of this stone is the protection against environmental pollutions. This stone is also known to promote feelings of well-being and health. It regulates blood pressure, halts migraines, improves circulation, heals congestion and more. Its known for evoking prosperity, calmness, balance, imagination, a sense of balance, and creativity.

Arnica Oil

This powerful anti-inflammatory, and pain reliever is perfect for achy joints. It is also said to be a natural remedy for carpool tunnel. It also soothes muscles pain, so if you ever overdo it at the gym, this is a great substance to apply! It is most commonly used to treat back, neck, and shoulder pain. It also relives bruising!


This is often sued in salves to keep them firm. But beeswax actually has some great qualities for your skin as well.  For example, it is super rich in Vitamin A and can soothe temporary itchiness. It is also a Humectant, meaning it attracts water to your skin, helping your skin stay hydrated! Beeswax also provides a natural protective barrier that holds moisture in and keeps environmental attacks away. Because of this it really helps reduce dryness!

Cannabis Oil

Like Hemp oil, this ingredient holds lots of antioxidants and can sooth inflammation on the skin. If you have a rash, acne, eczema, or another skin irritation this oil could be just what you need! It’s an anti-ager and helps boosts your skins protective shield which will make your skin glow! Don't let the word cannabis freak you out, you won't be feeling any strange effects. 

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When you mix all these ingredients together and place them in glass jar, you get The Healer! My knee has been super inflamed lately with it being winter and my diet being filled with more inflammatory foods than normal, and this balm has totally been helping me out! 


Stay healthy,