Spirit Guide Mist

Hello Readers,

I have found another gem to share with you. It’s a misting spray that smells amazing along with purifying the energy in the room. The glass bottle holds black tourmaline and quartz crystal to accompany the spray. These crystals also make great little keepsakes after you’ve finished it! Let’s do a little recap of the ingredients in this glass bottle.


Black Tourmaline Infusion

This mineral is known as a protective stone that repels and eliminates negative energy within a person or space. It cleanses, purifies, and converts compressed energy into a lighter vibration.  It is a grouping stone when the energy is absorbed. It protects all of the chakras and therefore has a harmonizing and balancing effect.  It boosts your self-confidence and eliminates fear in your life. It also protects the body from electromagnetic waves and radiation.


Crystal Quartz Infusion

Quartz is one of the most powerful healing crystals you’ll encounter.  It protects against negative energy, emphasizes your best self, and enhance spiritual growth. It aligns the chakras, evokes spiritual awakenings, and helps with spiritual guidance.  Just an FY, quartz should be cleansed frequently because they pick up energy very easily.


Palo Santo Essential Oil

Palo Santo is a sacred wood that comes from South America. Palo Santo literally means Holy Wood. Many use it as a tool for before and after mediation. It raises your vibration and creates a very deep connection to the Earth and the Divine. It is thought to open doors to another world. It eliminates bad vibes, negative energy, and depression. It is a great purifier and it smells sweet and pure.


Cedar Wood Essential Oil

This oil is grounding, balancing, and ultra-relaxing. It is well-known to stimulate the pineal gland which in many cultures is thought to be the human's third eye. It enhances integrity by allowing one’s true essence to emerge through purification and the demission of obsessive thinking.


Suggested Directions: "Hold your bottle in each hand and bring it close to your chest. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, exhale and ask your spirit guides to protect you and guide you through whatever you may need assistance in. Gently shake and spray in desired room or ritual area." ~Luna + Quartz



The ingredients in this bottle make it a perfect tool for rituals, cleansing, ceremonies, or to just make your space smell amazing!  

Stay Zen,