Spring Cleaning: Spiritually and Physically

The time for Spring Cleaning is upon us! In light of spring time, I’d like to take the opportunity to talk about the idea of cleaning and how you can raise your vibration this spring. This blog is centered around living in a clean, simple space, to enhance mental health. It's all about having positive items to bring positive vibes into your home.

First, I have to talk to you about energy. Every item and every being in this world holds energy. Your clothing, your jewelry, your coffee mug, food, everything. Energy can be picked up by yourself and objects when traveling through this world, and sometimes bad vibes can stick to you like glitter after a rave. Some of us in this world can be sensitive to energy and can tell when there is bad juju in the air. However, others don’t realize they are being affected by this bad energy. When you have, negative energetic forces affecting your life you can become irritable, tired, depressed and can even physically experience pain such as headaches or backaches. This is why it is so important that you choose household items that are associated with GOOD energy.

So, what kind of objects have bad energy?


Often times mass produced objects can attract bad energy. They are created and packaged by a mix of machines and factory workers. These people may be working in an unconfutable environment causing them to project negative vibrations onto the world that can get stuck to your products. Because of this, I avoid buying from places like Walmart. If you think you poses an object that has some negative energy attached to it, you can cleanse it by using Palo Santo or Sage.

Types of objects to look for!

Handcrafted objects made with intention are a great place to start. Another thing I look for when shopping is if the product is eco-friendly. I don’t want anything to be harmed just so I can have an object. I do my best to leave no trace on our Earth, and when it comes to shopping I look for brands that do the same.

When you begin to surround yourself with objects that are filled with love and made with care, your start to feel elevated! Clear out all the junk that is bogging down your space. Your mood will be enhanced, your face will begin to smile, and you’ll start to feel light as a feather.

Below you will find my top suggestion for this Spring to transform your life!

Your Space

When choosing items for your home you want simple clean items that won’t allow your space to become cluttered. Clear out objects you no longer need. Weather this means clearing out your closet, the silverware drawer, or even the fridge, begin do declutter your space so that energy can move freely through your home.

When you bring items into your home that are made with love that object emanates good energy which will radiate throughout your home. Handcrafted items are a great place to look when you want to bring good energy to your home. Often when people hear “handcrafted” they start seeing dollar signs. However, with the internet, there are many vendors from across the globe that we now have accesses to. Often times these handmade items are competitively priced compared to mass produced factory made items.

Crystals are an item you can bring into your home to create a good flow of energy. Different crystals serve different purposes but some of the most common crystals for a home are citrine, amethyst and quartz. When you receive a new crystal, it's always a good idea to cleanse it of past energy, and set a new intention. To do this, place the crystals on either a quartz matrix for 1 day, leave it out in direct sun, or allow salt water to wash over it repeatedly. You should google the specific mineral to see if sunlight or water will transform it in a negative way. 

It is important to remember, that as a consumer, every product you buy is a vote. The real voting of America is not made only at the polls, it is made in everyday purchases. Do you hate that people are cutting trees down? Well you can buy from a brand that creates products out of sustainable wood, yes it may be slightly costlier, but you are putting money back into your fellow community member’s pockets, not a cooperation.

Here are a few items I’ve brought into my sacred space this spring to enhance the energy in my home.  


Eternal Returns

This Beautiful handcrafted table was created by Eternal Returns, a brand based out of Tennessee. They provide customers with 100% sustainable lumber. What does that mean? The lumber is sourced from fallen trees or from trees that have already been cut down due to construction reasons. All of their products are 100% ethically produced and sustainably made.

Bringing a piece of the forest into my home transforms me into a little fairy. Feeling the edges of the table on my fingertips transports me back to a simpler time in life filled with childhood wonderment.



HRC builds

Adding plants to your home will really add a pure life force to your home. In my home, we love plants, and every home I’ve lived in that has been filled with plants, has had loads of good vibes! Plants are great to bring more life into your home. They not only purify the physical air, they also raise the vibration of your space.

This plant hanger is one of the more unique items I’ve come across. It is filled with movement which adds even more life to my space. HRC Builds is a second brand using reclaimed wood and fallen trees in their creations. They truly believe in transforming a rotting tree into a beautiful handcrafted piece to be placed in your home. This brand is based out of Austin and sells on Etsy.


Eat Your Fork!

This product is born from an idea that has been around for a few years and that is: Eatable Silverware. This idea originally came out of India where plastic utensils are a huge problem. While in my own home we have bamboo utensils, we sometimes need to grab something to take on the go. With this product, we can actually take a spoon or fork with us on the go, and throw it away afterwards without it creating extra plastic waste. We wouldn’t even need to put in the trash, we could simply place it in the dirt for it to decompose, avoiding a landfill all together!

So, what are these utensils made of? Natural grains and flours! Which means it’s totally biodegradable! These utensils are great for picnics, kid’s parties, and even adult gatherings. If you’re someone who usually uses disposable utensils, think about making the switch to an eco-friendlier solution. Another great thing about these forks and spoons is they are super durable, I actually used my spoon for about a week and I still have it! Just let it dry after you use it. This obviously depends on what you are using it for, but for the most part you can use them a few times. 



Décor for Your Outer Being

Shopping ethically sourced clothing can be pricey, but if money is the issue, perhaps it will help you live simpler. Having less can often times be more, living minimalistic is a beautiful thing. It really makes choosing outfits much easier and free up space in your closet. If you just own a few nice things that you really appreciate rather than many things you feel indifferent about your clothes will begin to hold more value to you, therefore you will appreciate them more and become grateful. If becoming a minimalist isn’t going to happen, you can always try your local thrift stores and cleanse the clothing with Palo Santo or Sage.

Jewelry is another thing we use to decorate our bodies. Owning jewelry with purpose and intention will raise your vibration experientially. Ditch all of that cheaply made jewelry from the mall and start wearing accessories with meaning and purpose. It could be a hemp bracelet that your best friend made you, something sentimental or a piece made in a sacred setting and blessed to enhance your intentions. If money is still an issue you can try making your own jewelry or again, thrift stores! You can cleans objects in direct sun or on top of a quartz matrix crystal.

Eco Lace Lingerie

Lingerie is an item of clothing that touches you in the most intimate way. It’s also an item you can’t find at a thrift store. You want these items that touch your skin so closely to be filled with positive vibes! I’ve found some undies that look great, and make you feel great wearing them. Your conscious will love you if you shop the eco-friendly Vivien Lace Collection. The sheer lace bras and underwear are made from recycled/reclaimed lace. The LA based brand prides themselves in being animal-friendly, sustainably sourced, and made by people paid a fair wage. 



Tulku Jewels

If you are looking for jewelry that is created with loads of intention, you will find it at Tulku Jewels. Each handcrafted amulet is blessed by a Holy woman in Nepal. I myself have a few different pieces from Tulku and I wear them depending on what type of spiritual support I need that day. Tulku also has malas that can be used in meditation. 


Tree Is Life

From the beginning of time, all peoples have received strength, inspiration, and protection from Trees. They are known the world over as guardians of the land—majestic doorways to the realms of spirit.

In this design, the tree is inspired by the Celtic Cross, reminding us that trees are sacred in that they are connected to the earth (in the horizontal) and the heavens (in the vertical). For the ancient Celts the “Tree of Life (crann bethadh) was a representation of how the forces of nature combine to create balance and harmony.” Extending deep beneath the earth’s surface, the trees’ vast root system reminds us to connect and ground deeply into our Great Mother Earth. Just as the Heavens support you in infinite ways, be aware of the Great Mother rising up and supporting you. Remember that underlying the places we don't see is a masterful network of interconnectivity to which we can open and receive nourishment, guidance and wisdom. Turn to Trees to remember your Divine roots, your connection to your brothers and sisters in the natural world, and to all of life.*

Sun Moon


Rythym and Balance 🌕 “I am balanced”

Sun is the masculine force of fire and light. He is the primordial life giver and illuminator who brings growth and the heat of movement into our daily experience.

Moon is the feminine energy of brilliance in the dark emotional realms of our watery depths. She is connected with the cycles of Life and with darkness. She lives in the void and flows between fullness and emptiness as part of her nature.

Allow the heat and brilliance of Grandfather Sun to shine into and forth from your heart, guiding you to express your gifts in this world.

Allow the soft light of Grandmother Moon to nourish you in fullness and in emptiness— to bring you peace in the deepest dark places within yourself, to teach you how to flow as a river to the sea.

Allow the two to be in you, for this is your own, true, nature.*


Siva Sakti Mala

Thought of as the female counterpart to the male Rudraksha seed, the rare and precious Rudrani is a sacred seed born of the Rudraksha tree. When the tree is in full blossom, the Rudrani seeds are shed from it’s blossoms and collected for their blessings.

In India the Rudrani is often kept in places of worship alongside the Rudraksha to symbolize the union of Siva and Shakti—the divine meeting of male and female principles.

Rudraksha—the eye of Siva.

The seed of the Rudraksha tree holds a sacred place in Hinduism, and is believed to possess mystical and divine properties. The male counterpart of the Rudrani, Rudraksha beads are regarded as auspicious and powerful, and have been worn as a support in meditation practice by spiritual aspirants in Nepal and India for centuries. Ayurvedic texts support the rudraksha’s beneficial electromagnetic effects on ones health by expanding peace and flow on the physical, mental and emotional planes. 

A mala has 108 beads, which is the sacred number for Hindu and Buddhist rosaries—known in these traditions as Malas. *



Your Body is a Temple

Don’t forget it! Here are a few ways to truly honor your physical body. Eat an organic diet and make sure to eat lots of unprocessed veggies! Stretch for at least 5 minutes a day to keep your body limber, as you age your body will love you for this! Create little rituals around healthy foods or drinks that can bring you joy, for me that’s making tea.

Spring clean your body with detoxifying drinks this spring. You can detox both the spiritual and physical part of your being. Drinking teas, herbs, and superfoods is a great way to physically detox your body. Making healthy drinks becomes a fun little ritual you can perform daily. It becomes a way to treat yourself and can bring happiness into your daily routine. When you choose to craft healthy drinks for yourself, you know you are treating your body to a healthy snack it deserves.

Here are a few brands that can help you create a healthy daily ritual to raise your levels of happiness! 

Cosmic Nectar

I got really into Spirulina while doing the Master Cleanse last year because of how much protein is in it! Lots of people love Chlorella, however, if I had to pick between the two I would pick Spirulina every time! The amount of nutrients and protein in Spirulina out ways Chlorella. And for someone that is Vegan, having a compound that is loaded with protein is a must! This superfood also acts as a gentle detoxifier of heavy metals, and is also an immune booster, allergen reducer, energy booster and blood builder. You can add this to cold water, to smoothies, or even sprinkle it on top of a salad!




If someone told you that you could drink a healthy version of Hot Chocolate and it would be loaded with health benefits, would you? Of course! This brand uses raw cacao which means this chocolate drink is naturally energizing. Cacao is also very nutrient-dense and has a very high antioxidant value. It is also loaded with healthy fats, proteins, and minerals. This brand mixes other ingredients into the cacao that enhance your chocolate experience, both in its taste and health value. The real, raw, organic, fair-trade, ethically sourced cacao is shipped straight from Ecuador to Santa Cruz California where the additional healthy elements are added!

This particular one that I am drinking contains turmeric which has anti-inflammatory properties, something I always love to see in things I consume because of joint pain. While I love this as a hot drink, you can also use the cacao bits in smoothies or as a topping of your favorite dish, like paleo waffles with coconut based whipped cream! 



Tea with a good cause? Yes please! This brand really deserves its own blog post, but I’ll try to summarize all of its amazingness quick. They have a farm based in Kenya, and they works with the local community to harvest the ingredients. While these products aren’t certified organic, because of the high cost to obtain the seal, they do not use any sprays on their crops. No organic sprays, no chemicals sprays, which is good news for consumers. They are also NonGMO! Each tea tin also comes with a handcrafted spoon. Each different colored pattern on the spoons represents a different family involved in the farming of the tea’s ingredients. Every time you use this tea, and spoon, you’re reminded about how your tea purchase went to helping a family live a happier life.

The Purple rain tea has an incredibly blissful aroma. The tea is an infusion of juicy passion fruit, sweet lemongrass, crisp apple, and a hint of hibiscus. It transports you to your happy place with every sip.



Body & Hair

Because your body is a temple, it deserves high quality products to be put not only in it, but on it! A good rule of thumb, if it would make you sick when eaten, you probably shouldn’t put it on your skin… Take that with a grain of salt, I obviously don’t think actually eating Shea Butter and essential oils is the best tasting or super healthy for you, but you could ingest them without getting sick and throwing up.  


Organic Essentials Haircare

Name-brand formulas can sometimes leave your hair feeling a bit damaged and can often be filled with harsh chemicals. I love having healthy hair, and I also enjoy having a toxin-free scalp. Organic Essentials Haircare has products that do not have any Sulfates, Parabens, Synthetic Coloring or Fragrances, Gluten, Phthalates, or Paraffins!

Moisture Replenishing Hair Masque - With Moroccan Argan Oil

Have brittle or damaged hair? This product has a fusion of organic unrefined Shea Butter & Natural Oils essential for restoring your lushes locks to their full potential. Argan Oil is extremely high in vitamin E & intensively conditions both the scalp & hair. * Pro-vitamin B5 is a water-soluble vitamin & therefore acts as a humectant, & improves hair elasticity. * Bran Oil contains Ferulic acid & Esters which help in stimulating hair growth, it is also rich in Antioxidants and vitamin E.* Jojoba Oil Nourishes & protects hair strands from losing moisture & breakage. *


Hair Conditioning Growth Aid Oil

This product contains Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Bran Oil, Moringa Oil, Coconut Oil, Peppermint Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and Tea Tree Oil. It strengthens, grows and conditions the hair & scalp. It also helps men grow bolder hair! Needless to say, I’ve been rubbing it on the boyfriend’s baby face and we’ve been seeing more facial hair pop up just after a few weeks!

Moisture Replenishing Hair Oil

This product is filled with ingredients that will really moisturize your hair & scalp. It really heals your hair! This product contains Olive Oil, Bran Oil, Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil. The Ylang Ylang really helps fight dandruff and adds a beautiful scent to your hair. I love using it in the ends of my hair when styling for the day.

Organic Shea Nut Oil

I have always loved using Shea products on my skin. Cleopatra was said to have used Shea to have a youthful glow. Who’s to say how true that is… but I can tell you I have seen Shea make stretch marks disappear from people’s bodies as well as other miracles. This Shea is in liquid form which makes it great to use not only on your skin but on the ends of your hair. Its high content levels of Vitamin A & E aid in the restorative process of damaged hair and ultimately mending split ends. Is also highly effective in soothing a dry and itchy scalp. *