Harness the Power of Amethyst 

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Discover all the magic in the world. Let go of the restrictions you may have, and allow the power of belief to change your life. 

The power of belief is a magical thing. When you believe in an idea, you give it power. When it comes to crystals, some people believe, and some don’t. Past cultures have attributed certain stones to be protective, a love enhancer, a spiritual guide and more. The reality is stones, crystals, and other minerals work for some people and don’t for others. My opinion is, they work well in combination with other more tangible practices. For example, if you are attempting to relive anxiety, crystal healing in combination with orally taking CBD, applying lavender essential oil, and changing your eating habits could work very well. 

Amethyst is one of the most common crystals in the world and is recognized by its purple color. Depending on the quality of your Amethyst, it can sometimes be clear instead of a deep purple hue. The crystal is transparent, and can be found in clusters, points, or as a geode.



When others direct negative energy towards you, Amethyst has the power to transform it into love. The stone is protective on many different energetic levels. It is known to open another reality to those who introduce it into their life. This other reality can be one that is more spiritual, sobering, cleansing, and/or tranquil. The stone can help get energy moving, releasing energetic blockages from a person or space.

Many individuals use it when meditating due to the calming and spiritual effects that overtake the mind when the stone is worn. The stone can help people feel less scattered, allowing the mind to focus. It can enhance the manifestation of new ideas and create a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around you. The stone's energetic properties aid in the transmission of neural signals through the brain. Because of this, Amethyst helps reduce nightmares, improve sleep, facilitate realistic goals, improve memory, enhance motivation, and facilitate common sense. This stone will also center you on an emotional level, instead of living a life with emotional highs and lows filled with anger, fear, anxiety, and grief. The stone evens you out, making you more like a Buddhist Monk verse the Incredible Hulk.

This stone also connects you to a divine power, promoting self-love, encouraging selflessness, discovering your true nature and connecting you to hidden psychic abilities you may have. Amethysts can transmute lower energies into higher frequency energies. Many people like to sleep with the stone to stimulate out of body experiences.


Healing Abilities

Amethyst can have physical healing powers when paired with an individual’s power of belief. All objects in this world give off an energetic frequency. The type of energy that Amethyst stones give off have been known to help people with tuning their endocrine system and metabolism. And that’s not all, it can boost the production of hormones, enhances cleansing of organs, and boost the immune system. The stone relives mental, physical, emotional and psychological stress or pain. It is known to release tension which makes it an excellent reliever of headaches. This stone has even been credited for being beneficial to the cellular disorders, skin conditions, respiratory tract and lungs, and it can remove parasites.


How to Use

Amethyst bonds the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of a being. It is known to stimulate the throat and crown chakras and cleanse the aura. When you wear it, its healing traits are most noticeable when worn over the areas of those two chakras. You may also hold clusters or points to your body. If you use a point to heal, remember that when you point the crystal towards you it will push energy into the body. If you want to draw energy out, you’ll want to point it away. You can also place clusters around your space to enhance the area. Remember that Amethyst can fade in sunlight, so avoid placing it directly in the sun for a prolonged period of time.

Whenever you receive a new crystal you’ll want to cleanse the energy it has picked up on the journey to you. Different types of minerals need to be cleaned in different ways, there are a few ways you can cleanse Amethyst. One is to go to the ocean shore and allow the waves to wash over it repeatedly as you hold it. While the waves wash over the crystal, set your intention for the use of the stone. You may also do this in a bowl of salt water. If you think the crystal is in a more fragile condition, you can also leave it in a pile of sea salt overnight. When you remove it, carefully brush away all of the salt. 


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