The Must Have Fall Sweater to Feel Sexy & Cozy!

Hello readers,

I’ve found my Sexy Cozy Sweater for the winter, and as the tempter drops, I am practically living in it already.


What Makes a Sweater Cozy?

To be cozy, is to be your authentic self! You’ll be totally comfortable and relaxed mentally and physically in the right sweater! When you know you’re looking sexy and cozy… You’re not concerned with your own body image, and you’re not focused on your possible after dinner food baby bump! You feel totally covered, and totally engulfed in warmth and confidence. Your sweater almost acts as a safety blanket.

Cozy Sweaters are easy to fall in love with! You know you’ve found one when you notice yourself wearing it more than 3 days a week. It quickly becomes part of your Netflix attire, your after yoga cover up, your casual dinner wear, and so much more, which leads it to becoming a staple in your life!


What Makes a Sweater Sexy?

It’s got to flatter your body. Adding shape to the curves you want enhanced, but also giving you a little extra belly space to allow you to eat at all the family gatherings over the next few months. Sexy isn’t just about the appearance others see, it’s what you project. A sweater is sexy when it gives you confidence! If you feel great in your sweater others will pick up on it. So even if your winter bod is starting to fill out a little, if you have certainty in your own sexiness, that is exactly what the world will see!


Here is what I look for in a sweater that has dual properties of Sexy and Cozy:

The Feel

The most important aspect of a Sexy Cozy Sweater is the material! It’s got to be soft and feel good against the skin.  My Sexy Cozy Sweater is made with soft yarn. When I move slightly, I can feel the fabric travel across my skin and it feels as if a loving hand is coming in for an embrace, causing a warming sensation.

The Sleeves

A cozy sweater hugs your body, so it has got to have longer sleeves. You don’t want your wrist showing at all! You want to feel totally engulfed by your new best friend! You also want the sweater’s sleeves to hug your wrist so that when you lift your arms or move quickly, it stays in place, and doesn’t expose your arm's skin. You’ll want to avoid super wide sleeves. You can see on my Winslett Chunk Raglan Cotton Sweater that the sleeves are chunky and hug my wrists perfectly.  This keeps them in place through all my crazy daily activities.

The Neckline

If you want a sweater that’s also going to make you feel sexy, you’re going to want to show off a little skin without being left cold. My Sexy Cozy Sweater has a crewneck that is wide and shows off my collar bones. Depending on how I position the sweater, it also shows off a little bit of my shoulder(s). This is perfect for allowing someone to feel sexy for all occasions, while also being totally cozy!

The Booty Hug

Your sweater should embrace your booty, not totally cover it! You don’t want to look boxy, or maybe you do, in that case, go for it. Otherwise, allow your sweater to sit right above your booty to add shape to your body. My sweater lays over my booty perfectly so that my shapes are enhanced, not hidden. Another plus, is that if I am feeling super confident in the moment, I can lift my arms up and show off a little midriff for a split second. This is an aesthetic I personally love to play with, it’s fun and lighthearted.

Low Maintenance

Because you’re most likely going to be living in this sweater it’s important that it is machine wash! You don’t want to have to dry clean your favorite sweater every time it gets a little stinky! 


It’s also important to note, these are my guidelines for a Sexy Cozy Sweater, but you may have your own!

Check out Wooden Ships by Paola Buendia to find your perfect Sexy Cozy Sweater for this winter! 

This has been a great gift that I will always love! Thank you Paola! 

Stay Cozy this Fall.