Embellishing Your Wrist

How wearing reminders can benefit you.


Hey folks,

In todays’ world life can be hectic and overwhelming. And while I am not a materialistic person, sometime possessing items to remind you to check in with yourself and be mindful can be advantageous. When I pick out jewelry, I usually look for the symbolic meanings it possesses. This could perhaps be in a stone, icon, sign, or some type of representation of an important symbol.


Benefits of Embellishing Your Daily Attire with Jewelry

1.     Elevate Your Mood

Feeling down? When you form a connection with an item that you wear daily, sometimes, on a bad day, all you need to do is look down at the piece and be reminded today will pass.

2.     It Has the Potential to Sway Your Attitude

Did you know that your entire wardrobe can sway your mood? There have been studies done that show people can be influenced by their wardrobe. One example of this is when people want to feel more enlightened, or positive they will often wear white or light colors. I once heard a story of man that started dressing in all white robes, he found himself being more positive and having a better outlook on life on a daily basis.

3.     People May Treat You Friendlier  

When people recognize your symbol(s) and they also hold special value to them, it opens a gateway for them to connect with you. They automatically will feel a sense of belonging in your presence and be more open with you.  For example, almost every day for the last 7 years I have worn a fire agate ring. People who recognize stones, or fire agates in particularly, will usually say something about it minutes within meeting me and we instantly form a bond. I have actually made a few lifelong friends that started with the compliment of that ring.

4.     You Carry the Intent of the Object with You

The constant reminder of what your jewelry symbolizes will be with you throughout your day.  It can remind you of your goals, perhaps how far you’ve come, and so much more.  


Symbolism in my Bracelets

First of all, it should be noted that the Lotus symbol is found on every bracelet that Luv & Bart creates. Why do they use this symbol? Because the Lotus Flower symbolizes new beginnings and adventures!


Louisa Bracelet – Olive Pyrite

This piece contains gold plated pieces in the center and pyrite stone surrounding the rest. Something I really love about this piece, is its unique draw string that are made of a gold chain. Pyrite is known to enhance one’s ability to generate self-wealth. It resonates with the Earth and Fire elements and is masculine in nature. It is a stone of action, willpower, achieving your true potential and enhancing the flow of ideas! Sound like a stone you need in your life?

Claudia Bracelet

This is a must have for me because I have always been gravitated towards feathers ever since I was a child. Feathers symbolize spiritual evolution. Feathers come from birds, who soar high, and free, just think of the song Free bird, “I’m as free as a bird…”. So, we associate feathers and birds with freedom, inspiration, and travel. Feathers have been used by many cultures in sacred ceremonies. Different bird feathers have different meanings in most cultures. For example, in Viking culture, raven feathers were specifically associated with memory, while hawk feathers are thought to bring magical powers.

Siena Bracelet – Grey

As we mentioned above, lighter colors can make you more approachable by others, and elevate your own mood. While this bracelet is classified as grey it is on the lighter side. Lighter colors, especially ones very close to the shade od white, can help vanish feelings of disappointment that you may be holding onto. Light colors represent the opportunity to start a new.

Margaux Bracelet

This bracelet is made with gold and light blue beads which are accompanied with a gold-plated lotus flower. Light blue is often associated with stability and symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, trust, confidence, intellect, and faith.  We also have the icon of the brand, the Lotus Flower, which really represents so many things to people. It is known as a symbol of pure speech, mind and body. This is because a Lotus Flower is rooted in the mud, yet the bud rises above all the muck and reaches the clear surface in order to bloom into something truly breathtaking. In Buddhism, this process is related to the human life cycle. The bud’s journey to the surface is related to the path of enlightenment. It is a divine symbol that also represents rebirth.  In Hinduism, it’s also a symbol of pure beauty.


These bracelets are great for layering or wearing separately and I love how they go with every outfit whether it’s casual, classy, chic, or totally bohemian.

Luv & Bart makes affordable jewelry to aid you along your journey. What I love most about their pieces is that they are chic yet perfect to wear in a yoga class. For me, I’m always on the go and need to wear jewelry that can look amazing but also keep up with my life.

I will always treasure these gifts.