FRÉ Skincare Review

Hey Folks,

I'm kind of one of those people who is always using different facial products. And lately my skin has been breaking out. Granted, I did just do The Master Cleanse, so I'm sure my body is still pushing out toxins. Either way, I needed to find a solution. 

I found the 123 Fré Skincare Set and it was great. Before using FRÉ, my skin had been extra dry. When I'd put any kind of serum on it, my skin would feel really tight, like it was still searching for moisturizer after it had soaked everything up. I could tell it was thirsty! I had been using some alternative skin care, one main ingredient being coconut oil, and I was over using it, causing some congestion on my face. Congestion and dry skin can both lead to breakouts, so the mix of both was no good! 

What I like about FRÉ:

FRÉ is made of a unique blend of organic Argan oil, Argan leaf water extract and Argan stem cells. What's so great about this Argan Tree? Well it is super healing due to the fact it is loaded with vitamin A and E! Vitamin E is a great anti-aging agent because of the way it boost cell production!  It's also rich in Omega-6 fatty acids, linoleic acid, and antioxidants! When you apply this magical blend to your skin it can reduce inflammation and penetrate deeply into the skin to provide hydration. Argan oil is also great for fighting acne! FRÉ is formulated for women who sweat, so being an active person this skincare regime is perfect for me! 

FRÉ is also vegan and cruelty free! It is also FREE OF parabens, DEA, petrolatum, PEG, and propylene glycol. The moisturizer has an SPF, which makes it great for someone who spends time working out in nature. Being gifted this product has really made my skin feel great this last week!

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Thank You FRÉ

Take care my lovelies,