Girl Boss Essentials

From Graphique De France

I love the act of physically writing. I'm talking pen to paper. Whether it’s daily to do’s, mini poems, wish lists, workouts, love letters, mantras, affirmations, journal entries, or whatever fun little thing pops into my brain that I want to get out, I love writing! I’m also a sucker for aesthetics and I don’t just like writing and doodling in any old notebook. It’s got to look awesome! I want the object to draw me in, so much so, it makes me want to write in it. Graphique De France has products that are straight up made for girl bosses. Being someone who has her hands in everything, with multiple business of my own and employers, I like having lots of notebooks for different clients and projects.

Goal Game On.

This is what I received from Graphique De France.

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Daydream Hardbound Cover

This journal is perfect for writing down daily thoughts and affirmations.  The cover is silky smooth and the pages are made of a beautiful paper. This notebook is also a perfect reminder, to never give up on your dreams. 


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Never Stop Exploring Large Notepad

This is the perfect notepad to keep on your desk. It serves as great place to write down quick little notes or goals for the week.  I'm a fan of writing down places I plan to go in upcoming months. This notebook totally is on point with the travel vibe. 


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Brushstrokes Jotter Notepad

Because who doesn't love a little pink and gold! And the artist in me loves the brushstroke feel. I'm also an obsessive TO DO  list maker. Considering this little notepad already has it written on the top is perfect! I've always thought is was extremely healthy to make daily to do lists. Whether you do it right before bed, or right when you wake up, having your list can reduce stress throughout your day. 

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Pineapples Reporter Journal

This item has one of my favorite quotes on it! And seriously, I am a true believer that when you read things daily, such as mantras or affirmations, they start to take root within you. So if you read something positive and empowering everyday, sure enough you will begin to feel that way. So, be a pineapple. 


Well folks Hope you enjoyed the Post, let me know some of your favorite office supplies in the comments below or on my Instagram page.