The Must Have Fall Sweater to Feel Sexy & Cozy!

The Must Have Fall Sweater to Feel Sexy & Cozy!

What Makes a Sweater Cozy?

To be cozy, is to be your authentic self! You’ll be totally comfortable and relaxed mentally and physically in the right sweater! When you know you’re looking sexy and cozy… You’re not concerned with your own body image, and you’re not focused on your possible after dinner food baby bump! You feel totally covered, and totally engulfed in warmth and confidence. Your sweater almost acts as a safety blanket.

Cozy Sweaters are easy to fall in love with! You know you’ve found one when you notice yourself wearing it more than 3 days a week. It quickly becomes part of your Netflix night attire, your after yoga cover up, and so much more, which leads to it becoming a staple in your life!

What Makes a Sweater Sexy?

It’s got to flatter your body. Adding shape to the curves you want enhanced....