The Perfect Adventure Towel!

Ever been out on an adventure and stumble across an unexpected body of water that you just had to take a dip in? I know I have! And while I'm almost always wearing a bikini under my socially acceptable clothes, I'm usually not carrying around a giant towel to dry off with after a spontaneous swim. However, I have found a solution! It’s a compact, light towel that is super absorbent!


My most recent expedition took me to a hike with Hot Springs at one end of the trail. The Gaviota Hot Springs are one of the hidden secrets in the Santa Barbara area. They are about 30 miles north on Highway 101. You take exit 132, and at the end of the exit ramp, you turn right, and then make another immediate right. At the end of the road you’ll see places to park. There are a few trails in the area that are beautiful, but if you feel like going for a soak in the sulfur water, just make your way to the top of the main hiking trail and you’ll see two beautiful aqua pools at the top. The first one you see has an extremely muddy bottom, when you step into it, you’ll find yourself knee deep in gunk. However, the other hot spring has a solid bottom. 

When you enter the water, you’ll notice little bubbles start to form on your skin. The temperature of the water is lukewarm.  The great thing about these hot springs, and many others, are their healing qualities!


The Iron in Hot Springs, along with other minerals, can build up your immune system!

Hot Springs improve your body's Circulation.

Relaxation of the mind and body occurs when you enter these warm pools of water.

Hot Springs also contain Sulfur!



Who is ready to find a hidden Hot Spring near them?!?

When you do go, make sure you grab your Matador NanoDry Towel! Seriously a girl’s best friend on adventures like these. This towel comes with a case that you can clip on your backpack, shorts, or wherever is convenient for you! The towel itself has a snap loop so you can hang it anywhere to dry! On your backpack while you finish hiking, on a tree branch while you picnic, anywhere! 

What’s awesome is that these towels are super versatile. They make a great pool companion, gym buddy, or just something to have while traveling. Because you never know, when adventure will call, and water will be shouting your name!

Or you just might need a towel to wipe stuff up! 

Adventure On Friends,