The Essential Traveling Hiker's Pack


The Beast28 backpack is one of my favorite hiking essentials for local adventures and exploring while traveling. What makes it a great travel pack is how compact it is. When traveling, You can easily attach it to your carry-on or additional backpack, or you can fit it in nicely into your luggage. You can see in the picture that it rolls up into a nice little pouch very easily.


This pack is also great for an overnight hike. There is plenty of room to pack some warmer clothes, and snacks. The compression straps, lumbar padding and hip belt also make it super comfortable when hiking. I was able to pack everything I needed for a sunset hike and to sleep overnight. The hammock clips perfectly to the backpack allowing me to have the perfect sleeping device for the night.  The outer coating of the Beast28 is also water resistant, so I felt comfortable storing my computer in it while I hiked. Being a photographer, I often times have clients that need photos taken in epic places and want them edited and sent to them quickly, so having my computer is a must!

Check out the images below to see everything I was able to take on a an overnight hike. The photos of me hiking out in the world were taken on a day we hiked to a swimming spot, I had everyone's swim gear along with towels and a few beverages. Every time I use this backpack I'm amazed at everything I can fit in it!

_MG_65491 nicole anne spahn_.jpg
_MG_2512-Edit2 nicole anne spahn_.jpg
_MG_2605-Edit7 nicole anne spahn_.jpg

Happy Travels friends.


Adventure On,


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