The Holistic Path of Your Beauty

The Holistic Path of Your Beauty

Alors, Ça Pousse? (ACP) In English it translates to "So that’s growing?" It’s the name of a French skin care line that has truly unique products completely derived from the Earth. I first found them on Instagram and was super intrigued by the way they describe their ingredients. They use solar created Flower Elixirs in their products.  The goal of this process is to harvest the “vibratory message” of the plant, this will echo our emotions and inner well-being.   

Their concept: Vibratory cosmetics for body and mind in an eco-design.

Their philosophy: Harmony with Nature and the cycles of the Moon.

The concept and philosophy speak to my inner hippie moonchild. The balms also last much longer that other creams you would normally buy, while being the most unique holistic products I’ve ever encountered. They don’t use any preservatives and provide consumers with a concentrated botanical formula because there is no water in the balms...