Let 2018 be Your Sexiest Year!

Alright, I will admit that 2017 was not a year I met any fitness goals. It was the exact opposite. Instead of going to the gym 1-2 times a day and going to a yoga class daily, I was lucky to make it to the gym 3 times a week. I started doing yoga every other day, and as time went on I slowly started doing it twice a week. Quit the decrease in physical activity.  I spent most of 2017 traveling and my workout routine just plummeted. But it’s a new year, and time to take fitness back!

Enough about me, now let’s talk about how to make this 2018 your sexiest year!



Change Your Mental State

First things first, we’ve got to recognize that sexiness is a state of mind as much as it is a physical element. Negative thinking about yourself, or the world around you, makes you off-putting to others. Negative thoughts can be a slippery slope to becoming ugly on the inside. If you notice yourself being negative, have no fear! There is always a way to pull yourself out of the undesirable thought pattern.



Coming up with positive Words of Affirmation that you can repeat daily will start to rewire how you think. Look inward and recognize what you dislike most about yourself or what your biggest fears are. Once you’ve identified a few, turn them into positive thoughts. For example, if you are nervous about getting into a good college, instead of worrying, do what you can and every morning when you wake up look in the mirror and say out loud, “I am so thankful for the genius mind I have been given.” Here is a list of general Daily Affirmations for you to try out, feel free to adjust them by adding more details!

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I am beautiful.

I inhale confidence and exhale shyness.

I am worthy.

I am creative and driven in what I do.

I am good enough.

I am outgoing.

I have the ability to conquer my goals.

I have strength.  

I radiate good energy.

I am punctual.

I will accomplish great things.

I am in good health.

I am energetic.

I see good within others as well as myself.

I am at peace.


Give Thanks

Don’t just give thanks for what you have, but give thanks for what the universe has yet to give you. By showing gratitude for something you don’t yet have, you are attracting it to you.  Sounds a little crazy, but it has worked for many successful people! Besides practicing the Law of Attraction here, you are also changing the way your mind operates. Instead of thinking about what you don’t have in a negative way, you are starting to put a positive association with it by giving thanks. This will help you rid yourself of negative thought patterns.  And of course, you should give thanks for what you do already have. The real advice is to take a moment during the day to give thanks. It only has to be a minute of your time. And in that moment, you can begin to change your life.


Stop Comparing

This is hard for many of us. In the digital age, it’s so easy to hop onto Instagram and see a million girls you think look perfect, and have the perfect life. And maybe they do, and let’s hope they do, but let’s remember that you have so much to be grateful for. We spend so much time looking into the lives of others either through television or social media, that we forget what a special life we are leading. Once you stop comparing yourself to others, and start appreciating yourself, you will start to walk-the-walk, and will notice people gravitating towards you. This will make you feel more attractive to the outer world, and in turn, to yourself.


Don’t Say Hateful Things

To yourself or anyone. Spreading hate will make you ugly to everyone.  



Create Healthy Habits

For me, being the hypochondriac that I am, creating healthy habits has always been easy. It’s a side effect of spending lots of time on the internet and being exposed to lots of knowledgeable people in the health world.


Use Natural Alternatives

To create healthy habits, you have to know what you want to achieve, and you need to know how to incorporate it into your life in a healthy way. For example, if you want whiter teeth, instead of using toxic methods like whiting strips to achieve it, you can try oil pulling or using charcoal toothpaste to naturally brighten your teeth. Another healthy alterative to think about is adding honey or maple syrup as a sweetener instead of sugar.


Eat Your Veggies

With all the books I’ve read about eating habits, one thing seems to be unanimous, a person’s diet should mostly be made up of veggies. I’m not saying you have to go vegan, but make sure your diet includes a good number of veggies. I also suggest, that your veggies be organic!



Feel Fit

When you feel fit, you get fit! There are many ways to feel fit. The best way is to do physical activates. If going to the gym isn’t your thing, try looking into a team sport you can join. Adult leagues are super fun and get you hang out with new people! If socializing isn’t for you, there are always hikes and walks!


Target Your Problem Areas

Your problem area could be anything from a specific body part, like love handles, to getting rid of cellulite on the back of your legs. When you start to diminish your problem area(s), you start to feel better! So, pick one area you really want to improve on and try to work on it 3 or 4 times a week. I’ve been using KeoTone for the last month and I’ve noticed smoother skin, diminishing age lines. This is the good stuff, and if cellulite or stretch marks are one of your problem areas this stuff will work magic for you! Use discount code "Nikki25" for a sweet discount! 


Improve Your Posture

Believe it or not sitting up straight will give you more confidence, and you will look more self-assured! Having good posture can also help you avoid injuries and discomfort from back pain.


Where Clothes That Fit

This might sound crazy, but if you’re trying to fit into a size that used to fit, do yourself a favor, and just stop. You’re not going to feel sexy trying to fit into clothes that are too small. On that same note, wearing clothes that are way too big and baggy probably won’t make you feel sexy either. Find clothes that flatter your body, in a size that compliments you.


Get Fit

Now that you’re in the right head space, and feeling fit, it’s time to make sure you get fit! Getting fit doesn’t mean you have to look like the hulk or spend all day in the gym. My best advice to someone who is just starting out is to take it easy. Start with 20 minutes of cardio a day and accompany it with yoga. Slowly start to intergrade weight lifting into your routine.  I always love doing H.I.T. classes 1-2 times a week to get an intense workout in.

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Allow this year to be your best. Let your mental state evolve, create healthy habits, and feel your fittest! Set small weekly goals that build up to big achievements. Stay tuned for the spring time because I’ll have some more health tips for you than!

Stay Well Everyone,