Sleep Tight, Sleep Right.

Hey folks! 

As most of you have gathered I'm all about eco-friendly brands. Oh Susannah® has a variety of products, but their pillow cases are created with eco-friendly inks! THE PILLOWS ARE ALSO SUPER SOFT! They are made with 120 Gram, silky soft, double brushed microfiber fabric. While I'm not totally sure what all the numbers mean, I know it feels mega soft against my sleepy face! The technique of putting the decorative element on is a permanent fiber dyeing process that leaves the decoration area soft and breathable so you can sleep on the pillowcases without feeling the print. I love sleeping on these pillowcases, almost as much as the dog loves taking up the whole bed! 

The eco-friendly ink is also CPSIA child skin safe approved, that means my head is totally safe from toxins!  

Because they dye the fibers in the fabric, the pillow cases are super durable, I've washed mine about a dozen times and they haven't faded one bit! I strongly suggest checking them out! They've got a ton of designs that are totally adorable. Ive posted a few of my favorite designs below! Shop easily with amazon!

Rest up lovelies!