On the Go Water Filtration- Unbelievable Results

I have Discovered an Outdoor Adventure Essential and I Can’t Wait to Tell You About it!

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I’m sure you’ve seen a Camelpak before, right? I know when I was kid spending weekends at festivals, all the kids with Camelpak’s had lots of friends circling around them trying to get a sip of water out of the water pack.  I never had one, I was always sucking off of my friend’s pack! Haha! But if I would have known about this Matador Hydrolite Hydration Backpack, you can bet I would have been wearing one around! I can remember one festival I went to that was super small, and just starting out, it was in the middle of Ohio on a new field, and the water spigot had just been put in. Well, on the third day of the festival everyone was getting sick and there were signs put on all the spigot telling people not to drink from them. Some type of bacteria had infected the water, and it was a serious bummer for everyone in the middle of the summer heat. If I would’ve had this Matador pack then, life would have been great! You know why?

I’m going to tell you!

The filtration in the Matador Hydrolite Hydration Backpack is made by Sawyer. The great thing about this filtration is it takes out pretty much all of the bad bacteria. The In-line assembled Sawyer® MINI water filter removes 99.99999% bacteria + protozoa for up to 100,000 gallons of water.  It removes things that can cause stomach irritation and serious infections. It takes out fecal coliform(E-coli), giardia, and Cryptosporidium. When you are drinking out of streams and rivers, these are the most common molecules that can harm you.  So not only is the water pack perfect for festival travel, but for any traveling! If you are going to a foreign country and you’re not so sure about the water, just run it through this! Or if you’re outside on a hiking trail, you can drink easy out of streams you may find knowing that you have this filtration system on your back! Check out the slide show to see all the steps to put water in your pack!

I used this water pack on a hike around South Lake Tahoe last week. I had extra clothes packed in my pack, a travel journal, and a small camera. I filled up my water pack in a waterfall that my hiking partner and I stumbled upon, and was able to drink that sweet natural Tahoe mountain water with no worries of bacteria entering my body! The water tasted pure and real, it was unbelievable! I was also able to fill up my pack in different waterfalls multiple times during the day. That was great because I was able to stay hydrated and not have to ration my water throughout the hike. 

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The pack is also great for packing in luggage when traveling. The water pack rolls up into a compact pouch and can easily be attached to another backpack, or put in my suitcase.  Needless to say, I’ll be taking this on every hiking trip from here on out no matter where it is!

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