Monthly Fees for Instagram services 


Full Instagram Management $ 3,600 (test week available for $900)


    Hard level fighting on Shadow Ban

    Bot Service (optional, without you can reduce price by $75)

    Comment Pod Engagement

    Like Pod Engagement 

    Shoutout Exchange with other high profile accounts (when opportunity is available)

    Feature Searches 

    Posting on your behalf


Individual Services

General Posting $295

I post for you at ideal times of the day. 

What comes with the service: 25-30 hashtags on each post, location tagging, well written captions.

What does not come with this: Preventative shadow banning tactics.

This will require you to give me your login info.


Feature Searches $600

I send out 6-10 letters to publications, magazines, blogs, and websites that may be interested in featuring you.


Preventing Shadow Bans

You can still Post yourself if you prefer.

Light $900

You send me the photos you would like to post for the week or month. I run them through a proprietary work flow to make images less likely to be shadow banned based on what is depicted the image.

Medium $1,500

In addition to running your images through my custom system, I also add hashtags that are less likely to lead to shadow banning, and that relate to your image the most. 

Hard $2,000

Your images are run through the system, get custom hashtags for each post, and your captions are written for you. High quality content has been stressed by instagram in multiple public announcements. Experiencing shadow bans means that your hashtags, images, image code, and captions are not relating to one another according to instagram’s artificial intelligence.


Bot Service $120

Likes, comments, follow/unfollow, DM’s. 

This will require you to give me your login info.


Comment Pods $900

I will be active in 2-5 high profile comment pods. You’ll be receiving comments from users who have over 50K on a regular basis, along with some lower level users ranging from 5k-40k. 

This will require you to give me your login info.


Like Pod $300

Get some extra likes o your photos by joining multiple like pods. I perform this on your behalf. 


Managing Content Collabs $400

All emails for collaborations will go through me and I will negotiate on your behalf. 


Seeking Content Collabs 50% commission

I seek out paid beneficial collaborations for you. 


General account upkeep

Responding to comments and DM’s.

Accounts 1-5K $600

Accounts 6-10K $700

Accounts 10-50K $800

Accounts 60-200k $900