Photo based Coaching 

In need of some hands on learning, but not up for a trip back to college to fine tune your photography skills? Workshops, lessons and one on one coaching by Nicole Anne can help you. Having received her Master's in Photography from Brooks Instate allow her to lend you some tips and tricks from her experience both in the field and while at school.




From knowing the correct tools to use to also being aware of tricks you can use while shooting, this can be especially important in film. You will learn all from a master. Weather you are a hobbyist or looking to break into the professional field, these hands on courses can help you develop your skills.


Post production can be what makes or breaks a beautiful photo. From simply knowing what programs to use to knowing how to color correct, there are lots of little tips and tricks to be shared. Weather you want to be able to create pictures that include flawless skin or you are looking to create pictures that look like oil paintings, Nicole Anne can walk you through the steps of how to create images you desire.




Self-portraits have been done for ages. When painters began to value their talents and skills as more than just common work, an emergence of self-portraits begun. Now, they are done for a number of reasons. Self-portraits can be important if you need to have a professional photo of yourself done in your style for a business card or website. But, they are also a great tool for self-discovery though fine art. Some photographic artists have done nothing but self-portraits. Artistic self-portraits can be a reflection of ones outer self, inner, or can be a critique on outside elements, such as society.  Cindy Sherman is a great example of someone who criticized the Hollywood movie industry through her own self-portrait work.   



If you do not find a package that suits your specific needs a special unique package can be designed for you. Custom package development have a non refundable deposit of $20, this money is put towards your final cost. Please feel free to browse the standard prices and reach out to Nicole Anne about any questions or to receive group discounts. 

Digital and Film Photography Coaching

Quartz $175

3 hour field day. Capturing in the field and learning a few tricks of how to rework your images in post.

Amethyst  $210

3-4 hour field day + 2 hours of Post work (for film students this may be a few days after the first day, students provide own film.)

Emerald $420

3-4 hour field day with model + 1 hours of Post work (for film students this may be a few days after the first day, students provide own film). Plus 2 hours of printing instructions. Students walk away with at least 1 perfect print. All Supplies included for DSLR students.

Add Ons: can be added to any package

Add a 1.5-hour course in standard printing for $95. Supplies included

Add a 3-hour course in alternative fine art printing techniques can be added to any of these packages for $195. Will walk away with a minimum of 4 prints. Supplies included (up to a $120 value).

Add a 2-hour course in framing/mounting, archiving, and treatment of fine arts print for $220. Supplies included (up to a $130 value).

Add a model to your day for $220. (HMUP and proper attire is included.)  


Retouching and postproduction lessons

$95 per one-hour session. This form of couching is based off of what knowledge the student has prior to lessons.

Self-portrait Coaching

In these courses students may pic their own gear or borrow the instructor’s photographic gear. Instructor’s gear ranges in variety, students can use anything from an IPhone to a Polaroid camera and get amazing unique results from either. For a full list of gear, contact Nikki directly. The courses will be tailor to your chose of tools. Group rates are available.

Quartz $150

Digital self-portraits. 90 minutes of how to take a professional photo and what tools you need. And 1 hour of experimental fine art techniques. Plus students will have up to 1 hour to be taught editing techniques and tips to make great images. No physical prints are produced in this course.  

Amethyst $300

Film self-portraits. A two-day course in how to create self-portraits when using film, this course lets you in on all the tools you can use for your selected capture device. Day one consists of a 1 hour class of how to take professional photos accompanied with a 2-hour fine art class. Fine art class contains a 30 min art history course and an hour and half of fine art capturing. (One roll of film + development is included in price.) Second day we learn how to scan the images, create prints, and we critique the finished images.

 Emerald $325

Digital self-portraits with Fine Art print. Self-portrait prints make great gifts to a partner, parent or just a great decoration for your home. This package may be broken up over two days or may be done all in one long day. The first part is the image capture. Students receive an art history lecture about inspirational self-portrait producers along with information about how to use their selected device. After the student has a grasp on these concepts we go to the field to execute both professional self-portraits and fine art themed self-portraits. The next step in using postproduction applications to fine tune our images and then produce a fine art print.

Ruby $500

A 3-day fine art course. Be ready to get deep with this self-exploratory self-portrait class. You can use this time to explore anything you like through the power of self-portraits. Learn about the master of self-portraits and why their particular work is so strong, while creating your own outstanding work. This course explores the history of self-portraits, getting your mind turning and ready to create your own amazing work.

Day 1: Part lecture and part assignment based.

Day 2: We produce physical prints/objects.

Day 3: Finishing touches and critique.

Group rates available.

All necessary material provided free of cost. Some additional materials will be available for purchase at cost value. Email for details and examples.

Other Options

Add a day of creating. Create a cyanotype self-portrait. And learn how to make self-portraits as gifts for others. $175. All materials provided.

Pin hole self-portraits. A day dedicated to creating pinhole self-portraits. $175. All materials provided.

More Analogs. Add use of an additional analog camera to any package. A 30 minute course will be taught so that you can fully use the camera and you will have 1 hour to shoot with it with assistance. $95 (does not include film price).

Online and In-Person Basic Consultation $85 per hour. 

Whether you are in need of teaching virtually or in person your needs will be met. Virtual students must pay before the session begins through PayPal, Venmo or mailed check. Weather it's talking about how to work with models, advice on best locations to shoot, how to get clients, or needing some photoshop tricks, we can consult about it.